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Tim Miles

Tim Miles | Director

FCA, B.Bus (Prof. Accounting)

Some of his most recent projects include:

  • Developed and implemented performance and management reporting structures that enable business owners and managers to have the right information to make appropriate decisions
  • Educated and supported business owners in understanding the key financial information they need to manage their business effectively
  • Sourced and negotiated appropriate finance facilities for clients with financial institutions that will support their continued growth
  • Completed detailed forecast models for clients who require the information for internal performance reporting and for obtaining external funding
  • Provided strategic advice to clients on possible mergers, acquisitions or divestment
  • Provided clients with advice and guidance on implementing profit and cash flow improvement strategies
  • Advised clients who experience rapid growth and rapid decline in their individual businesses and industry and assisted in implementing strategies to manage this change
  • Engaged to source potential acquisition targets
  • Implemented a number of expense reduction plans for clients who need to significantly reduce their costs
  • A member of several advisory boards of medium sized businesses
  • Completed the due diligence for a number of client’s potential acquisitions
  • Was the interim CFO for a local subsidiary of large European public company

Tim works with dozens of businesses in regional Australia and his focus is on ensuring these businesses are managed sustainably in the volatile economic environment.
Tim is also the Chair of the Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the CCIQ Regional Policy Council, a Director of CCIQ’s Regional Policy Board and Director and Treasurer of the Mackay Area Industry Network (MAIN).