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Budgets, the bane of my life!

It’s that time of year again…………Budgets, the bane of my life! As we approach the end of June businesses should have completed  the final stages of  their budgets for the 2018 financial year.  I have completed hundreds of budgets over many years, some of which have been absolute master pieces (If I don’t mind saying so […]

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Profit is food, Cash is Oxygen

A person can survive more than three weeks without food yet a person can only go 3 to 4 minutes without oxygen before they are considered brain dead.  A business is the same, it can go for a while without making a profit, but it can’t last very long if it runs out of cash.  […]

Miles Dolphin Financial Success

Secrets To Financial Success Series

Here is Tim’s 5 part series where he  shares the secrets to financial success for business owners. Have you ever stopped to think what it is that separates a high performing business from one that struggles? A good idea, a detailed business plan, or maybe just a case of sheer good luck? People go into business […]

M&A Advisor or Business Broker

M&A Advisor or Business Broker – What’s the difference?

In addition to the normal consulting services we provide, Miles Management Consulting are also a member firm of Divest Merge Acquire, a national transaction advisory firm specialising in the sale and acquisition of businesses to strategic buyers.  We refer to ourselves as ‘M&A Advisors’ (as in Mergers and Acquisitions) while others often call us ‘business […]

Miles Dolphin Tim Miles

5 Secrets to Financial Success for Business Owners – Part 4

Act like a Big Business!  Larger corporate entities are built on a foundation of a strong corporate governance framework.  This just means that there are appropriate controls in place to enable the management and directors to manage the business legally, ethically, commercially and strategically for all stakeholders.  SME owners need to think and act like […]