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Building Strong Teams

Teams do not just happen. It takes time, trust, planning and continual renewal to uncover the secrets for success – Tim Miles Successful businesses value teamwork and deliberately go out of their way to build high performing teams. Teamwork is critical if businesses what to progress to the next level. Teams that perform get more […]

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Our Simple 6 Step Culture Change Process

The start of a new year seems like a great time to ask “What sort of culture change would you like in your business?” Most business owners or leaders either shy away from asking the questions because they don’t know where to start or they ignore doing anything about it because they have been burnt […]

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Why Culture Change Fails

Culture can be a seductive solution put forward by many to be the answer to improving the performance of the business. It is often presented in a way that makes it appear to be of crucial importance for understanding what is going on in the business and how to get control of it. That is […]

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The Key To Building a Strong Culture

The key to building a strong culture is how well your team share the beliefs, customs, practices, traditions and values of a business or a team. Culture can influence the way in which members of the business interact with each other and cooperate to achieve goals. Leaders of the business play a key role in creating […]

Greg Tonner, Miles Dolphin Consulting

5 minutes with Greg Tonner

Tim Miles talks to Greg Tonner about why strategy is so important to creating success, leadership and the intangibles, what personally motivates him and the lessons business can take from the Cowboys’ success. Greg Tonner on Strategy….. Why is strategy so important in creating success? Strategy is the basis for every decision you make in […]

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How To Deal With A Grizzly…

We have all have had to deal with a Grizzly. You know the ones. The rude customer who treats you as if they pulled you off the bottom of their shoe, the grumpy, entitled employee who thinks you should be grateful that they actually turned up to work or the difficult supplier who nothing is […]

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Communicate For Success

Communicate for Success Communication is a basic human activity.  Humans have been communicating since the inception of time and throughout the centuries. As social beings, the need to communicate with others is ingrained in our DNA. When we communicate, we are attempting to reach a mutual understanding and we are searching for meaning.  “Communication” is […]

The Everyday Leader

  Imagine if we created a workforce that embraced leadership in their everyday – a workforce that took responsibility and accountability for their actions and for those around them? What if we were able to move people off the sidelines and encouraged them to play ‘full on’ in improving their workplace?  We need to change […]