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Boosting Business Performance Through Sales – Part 1: The Strategy

Selling is the process of promoting the benefits to potential customers and converting those leads into sales. To that end, sales is a critical business activity to either maintaining your market share or achieving your revenue targets. Having a deliberate, systematic approach to your sales function,  when executed effectively, enables businesses ability to more accurately […]

Are your customers getting the message?

Many business owners struggle with the features v’s benefits concept when pushing their products into the market place. Very few businesses truly understand the difference, and it is quite often the reason for their sales process not working. As a consultant, my clients often ask me, “How can I connect with my customers?” My answer […]

Are You All Razzle Dazzle

Have you ever wondered why some businesses have all the badging, advertising and customer specials in the world within an empty shop and yet they are  next to a competitor who has simple branding, higher prices with little spend on traditional advertising and are  busting at the seams. It may be that these businesses are […]

How To Deal With A Grizzly

We have all have had to deal with a Grizzly. You know the ones. The rude customer who treats you as if they pulled you off the bottom of their shoe, the grumpy, entitled employee who thinks you should be grateful that they actually turned up to work or the difficult supplier who nothing is […]