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Boosting Business Performance Through Sales – Part 8: Proposing The Solution

What is it that your customer is trying to achieve? What would success look like for them? For most business-to-business customers, a solution is something that helps their business. It could be to increase revenues or improve efficiency with the overall goal of improving performance and profitability. Selling solutions, not products, allows businesses to differentiate […]

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Boosting Business Performance Through Sales – Part 7: The Importance of Qualifying Potential Customers

Following From the Boosting Business Performance Through Sales – Part 6: Lead Generation, we talk about the importance of ensuring you source quality leads. Avoiding Dry Gullies A lot of time can be wasted for sales people and processes if you continue to run up dry gullies. I remember one client who bought an advertising […]

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Boosting Business Performance Series Parts 1-6

Here is Tim’s 6 part series where she  shares the secrets to increasing business performance for business owners. Selling is the process of promoting the benefits to potential customers and converting those leads into sales. To that end, sales is a critical business activity to either maintaining your market share or achieving your revenue targets. Having a deliberate, systematic […]

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How thinking differently can help your business to thrive. To compete in today’s market; you need to be able to produce results consistently whilst meeting the ever-changing and diverse needs of your customer base. Like a chameleon, your business and your staff need to change your approach in multiple scenarios in order to remain competitive. […]

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Boosting Business Performance Through Sales – Part 4: The Right Products

Customers buy satisfaction or solutions, not the individual parts. Therefore, it is important that you have the right selection of products to ensure that you deliver value to your customers. Providing the right product, when and where and how the customer wants it, is a challenge (but critical to boosting the performance of your business). […]

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Boosting Business Performance Through Sales – Part 2: The Sales Goals

I have yet to meet a business owner who didn’t want more sales. Interestingly enough, those who have stalled in their sales performance, rarely have taken the time to set specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goals. Instead, we usually see leaders apply an arbitrary percentage increase across the whole business. Sometimes this works, but most […]