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Miles Dolphin Feature Book Review

Book Review: The One Thing – The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

“The people who achieve extraordinary results don’t achieve them by working more hours. They achieve them by getting more done in the hours they work.” Time is one of the precious few resources that business owners and leaders have. The “ONE thing” is a prescription for how to achieve extraordinary results by knowing what matters […]

boosting performance through sales series

Boosting Business Performance Series Parts 1-6

Here is Tim’s 6 part series where she  shares the secrets to increasing business performance for business owners. Selling is the process of promoting the benefits to potential customers and converting those leads into sales. To that end, sales is a critical business activity to either maintaining your market share or achieving your revenue targets. Having a deliberate, systematic […]

Miles Dolphin Feature Book Review

Featured book review – Managing Onself

Managing Oneself Peter. F. Drucker – Harvard Business Review 1999 A classic from Harvard Business Review, Tim would recommend this book to any business owner or leader who needs to find renewed sense of purpose or passion within their role or contemplating wanting to do or try something different. “This is one of the management […]

Miles Dolphin Blog

Playing The Ball, Not The Person.

This is such a simple analogy but critical if you are truly to understand how to get the best performance out of your team. For leaders, when you haven’t taken the time to define what the ball is and how you want people to play it – you leave yourself wide open to personal attacks […]

Miles Dolphin Blog, Adjusting to change

Adjusting to the New Normal

“So what is the New Normal?” As a CEO Consultant who works with clients in mining, retail and service industries the new normal has to be “Rapid Change” – Tim Miles We are in a global economy whether we like it or not. We live in a world where, a civil war in Ukraine caused […]

Miles Dolphin What We Think Strong Team

Building Strong Teams

Teams do not just happen. It takes time, trust, planning and continual renewal to uncover the secrets for success – Tim Miles Successful businesses value teamwork and deliberately go out of their way to build high performing teams. Teamwork is critical if businesses what to progress to the next level. Teams that perform get more […]

Miles Dolphin Leadership Community

The Key To Building a Strong Culture

The key to building a strong culture is how well your team share the beliefs, customs, practices, traditions and values of a business or a team. Culture can influence the way in which members of the business interact with each other and cooperate to achieve goals. Leaders of the business play a key role in creating […]

Greg Tonner, Miles Dolphin Consulting

5 minutes with Greg Tonner

Tim Miles talks to Greg Tonner about why strategy is so important to creating success, leadership and the intangibles, what personally motivates him and the lessons business can take from the Cowboys’ success. Greg Tonner on Strategy….. Why is strategy so important in creating success? Strategy is the basis for every decision you make in […]