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Our passion, professionalism and strive for excellence are the reason we are the change agents that our clients need us to be. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate our functional expertise and diverse industry knowledge to provide solutions that drive business performance. We will match the right person to the right client to ensure that we deliver results.


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Tim Miles - Miles Management Consulting

Tim Miles | Director

FCA, B.Bus (Prof. Accounting)

Tim Miles is absolutely committed to seeing businesses in regional Australia succeed and prosper. Tim is Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants with over 20 years of experience in senior executive roles in Australian corporate entities. He has been the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and General Manager of various companies across industries including mining services, engineering, transport, retail, hospitality, tourism and agriculture. He is also experienced in international development project management and commodity exports.

Tim has vast experience in the strategic and financial management of businesses with a passion for exit and succession planning for business owns. This involves maximising the value of the business asset and ensuring that the owners’ take control of how and when they wish to exit their business.

Tim also has a particular focus on strategic thinking and planning; cash flow management and profit improvement which all affect the value of a business.

Some of his most recent projects include:

  • Developed and implemented performance and management reporting structures that enable business owners and managers to have the right information to make appropriate decisions
  • Educated and supported business owners in understanding the key financial information they need to manage their business effectively
  • Sourced and negotiated appropriate finance facilities for clients with financial institutions that will support their continued growth
  • Completed detailed forecast models for clients who require the information for internal performance reporting and for obtaining external funding
  • Was the interim CFO for a local subsidiary of large European public company
  • Provided strategic advice to clients on possible mergers, acquisitions or divestment
  • Provided clients with advice and guidance on implementing profit and cash flow improvement strategies
  • Advised clients who experience rapid growth and rapid decline in their individual businesses and industry and assisted in implementing strategies to manage this change
  • Engaged to source potential acquisition targets
  • Implemented a number of expense reduction plans for clients who need to significantly reduce their costs
  • A member of multiple advisory boards of medium sized businesses
  • Completed the due diligence for a number of client’s potential acquisitions
  • Completed independent business valuations for clients and provided advise on succession issues.
  • Sold many mid-market businesses as a member firm of Divest Merge Acquire.

Tim works with dozens of businesses in regional Australia and his focus is on ensuring these businesses are managed sustainably in the volatile economic environment.  Tim has also done dozens of key-note presentations on preparing your business for sale; strategic planning and the secrets of financial management.

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Simon Vigliante | Senior Consultant

CPA, B.Bus (Prof. Accounting)

Simon has a natural ability to understand the value creation process of a business. For more than 10 years he has have worked in a wide variety of business environments, all requiring a strong and committed commercial leader to provide guidance and leadership. Simon understands that all businesses can generate value differently, from a small-micro businesses to large multi-international Company. Simon has worked with a very large cross section of businesses across his career and has taken the time to understand what it is they do, and what makes them unique.

Simon continually strives to improve the performance of the business. He has an ability to step outside a process and critically review in order to improve. Simon understands that performance improvement can take many forms and requires a flexible and open approach.  It requires someone who remains cognisant of the overall business strategy, whilst completely understanding the detail.

Simon has extensive and detailed experience in financial modelling; budgeting and forecasting.  As part of a Senior Leadership team, he led the restructure and growth of the New Zealand arm of a large Engineering and Construction business.  It required paying attention to all areas of the organisation, not just the Profit and Loss Statement. The ability to understand an organisation end to end and tie this information in meaningful ways is pivotal for any organisation to remain competitive in its market.  Simon works to understand the whole organisation, operationally and financially to create holistic strategies to create competitive advantages.

Simon also understands that good communication and a “want to understand” are vital in getting people to work with you. From his time spent managing client portfolios within the banking system, through to other roles orchestrating operations, senior management, payroll, treasury, safety and so on, relationship management and good communication has been a vital component and fundamental to his success.