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Business Valuations

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“It would be good to get someone independent to tell us what our business really worth?”
“We need to know what the value of the business is to be able to make decisions about the future!”
“I want to understand how the value of a business is determined”.

We believe all business owners should consider their business as an investment and their number one strategy is increase the value of that investment.  As someone once said “If you value your business you should get your business valued”.

Tim is recognized by the Chartered Accountants Australian and New Zealand (CAANZ) as a Business Valuation Specialist and is able to complete independent business valuations for:

  • Business succession
  • Obtaining finance
  • Buying and Selling Businesses
  • Family law settlements
  • Shareholder/Partnership disputes
  • Taxation requirements

Our valuation reports comply with APES225 and are easy to understand as we clearly outline the approach, methodology and assumptions applied in determining the value of your business.