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Leading yourself to your goals in 2017

Leading yourself in 2017

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Where do you want to put your energy this year? What sort of adventures do you want to lay ahead?

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Goal setting is one of the unique attributes that the human race possesses and enables us to achieve great things, over many hours, days and decades. It has this amazing ability to propel us forward, beyond any hurdles or adversity we face.

If you are anything like me, you will see the new year as a great way to pick up your life and look at it from all angles – what’s working and what needs changing. Have you asked yourself?

  • What do I want this year to bring?
  • What would success look like across my business and life?
  • What adventures do I want to lay ahead?

Before your business or job takes over your life in 2017, take time to reflect on what is important for you this coming year, what lessons you have learnt from 2016, and think about when you get to this time next year, what would you have wanted to achieve.

Happy goal setting!!

The Miles Management Consulting Team.



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