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Building Strong Teams

Miles Management Consulting What We Think Strong Team

Teams do not just happen. It takes time, trust, planning and continual renewal to uncover the secrets for success – Tim Miles

Successful businesses value teamwork and deliberately go out of their way to build high performing teams.

Teamwork is critical if businesses what to progress to the next level.

Teams that perform get more done in less time and find better solutions. Teams give your employees a sense of connection and belonging.

It may take time to build a high performing team, but it is not complicated. The key is to keep it simple and to always keep working at it. Teamwork cannot be achieved in a one-day workshop. Instead, you need to ensure that you continue to evolve the roles, results and relationships.

Below is our simple four-step continuous process for building teams.

Miles Management Consulting Four Step Team Building Process

Miles Management Consulting sees team building as a continuous four step process

Miles Management Consulting Four Step Team Building Process


  • Step 1 – Assess Team Performance: accurate assessment of team performance allows the necessary ‘wake up call’ that helps you understand the underlying cause for non-performance. These causes usually relate to lack of trust, avoidance of conflict, insufficient commitment, limited accountability and no focus on achieving team results.
  • Step 2 – Set Team Foundation: this addresses the specific needs for your team and helps you define the purpose of your team and how you will work together. This step will guarantee that you will not have to start from ground zero every time you get a new member in your team.
  • Step 3 – Team Action Planning: this step is about getting the team to focus on the key areas of improvement that will make the biggest difference. It will also allow team members to be able to monitor progress. For more established teams, we see this as a ‘tune-up’ process.
  • Step 4 – Execute: it is important that you set time aside to allow the team to improve internal processes and improve relationships.  Then, after a period of time, you go back to Step 1 and assess your team performance.

Miles Management Consulting has a number of assessment tools that allows you to assess your team’s effectiveness, engagement and preferences to build greater understanding and create your own team blueprint.

You know you have been successful as a leader when your team members continue to grow, and accomplish the results you set out to achieve.

Where are you on the team building journey?

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